You are an absolute badass. You know this. I know this. Let's see what we can create together.

You are a being of infinite creative possibilities...

yep... you.

And, thanks to a collection of experiences, you might have forgotten this on the surface.

But deep down, you can never forget. That's why you're here. 

You know that things are...well... off. You can make stuff happen pretty easily but it all feels a bit empty. 

So, let's talk about how you can move forward into a life experience of your precise and exact desire, a glorious technicolour existence and full spectrum living. 

Ways to work with me

Bespoke packages also available - drop me a line to explore

Modus Operandi

"Modus Operandi was a grounding, transformational return to my true self".

3 months, a portfolio of tools to build into and around your life to heal forwards - create the life experience you want, in exactly the way you want it whilst healing happens as you move through living your life. 

A powerful group container like no other.

Unconditional love and acceptance for all that you are. 

We've had people complete their therapy journey within a couple of weeks of the start date, businesses being sold to the perfect buyer, houses being sold in a non-moving market, ideal jobs, new relationships, new business ventures which are now established and, WAY more importantly people creating a deeply nourishing, energising and intimate relationship with themselves in a way more beautiful than they could never have imagined.

Email for more information and to add yourself to the waitlist


One to One

"The space Claire held for me was like nothing I've ever felt".

Fortnightly sessions, messenger support, options to include in person half and full day immersions.

Email for more info and to book a call to explore further.


Babs Collective

Babs Collective is a safe and exclusive community for bold women to enhance the artistry of conscious life design, embrace the magic of womanhood and show up in their own uniquely beautiful way. 

At Babs all of you is welcomed. You can be fierce, soft, strong, gentle, bold, timid, ladylike, boisterous, demure, brash, loving...the contradictory list goes on. 

Weekly group meditation and embodiment sessions, deep and pertinent conversation, fun, laughter and connection with other badass women. 

Come and enjoy a free 30 day trial

VIP days and experiences

Lasting and permanent change happens through experience and embodiment - immerse yourself in a container of transformation, fun and magic.


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