From my clients:

The space that Claire held for me was nothing like I’ve ever felt. Why? Well, because of her, I finally allowed myself to open up, feel what I needed to let go. 

Because of her, I felt able to voice my deepest held fears and anxieties. No judgement just tools, techniques and support to work through them, calling me out on the BS I had long been telling myself and holding me to account where I needed it. 

And now? I’m different. I’ve evolved and “…all I’ve ever wanted to be is who I am becoming”….because the journey continues. 

Claire – I will be eternally grateful for your love, support, wisdom and guidance. Thank you 

- Emma, 2021
VIP 1:1 client


For anyone who is considering signing up for the 3 month 1:1 VIP - DO IT!!! My business has come on leaps and bounds since I signed up and so many others areas of my life are shining. 

- Michelle, 2022
VIP 1:1 client


So I may look the same on the outside, but I feel totally different on the inside. I feel more me - more able to be me - more able to do so much more because I’m me. You have seen me through some of the most transformational years of my career and I don’t think I’d have people telling me that I’m the best HR Director they’ve ever worked with or they find me inspirational or that I’m having such an impact, that I’m changing so much if I wasn’t able to step into that power because of how you’ve worked with me behind the scenes. So just a big thank you. And yes, you can go and cry now. And ultimately, apart from being so happy to be me, there are blind people out there who are going to get more guide dogs, and more support for kids and families who are dealing with sight loss, because of what I’ve done because of what you’ve done. 

- Kathryn, 2021
VIP 1:1 client


Do it! If you want to create your own future this is the space to do it. If you feel there is more for you but you are not sure how to get there – do this. If you want to feel so lucky and be surprised at how easy miracles can happen – do it. 

- Katie-May 2020
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